Greetings! 2015 is gearing up to be a BIG year for DFN for several reasons:



1. DFN is undergoing a major makeover. A new website with a fresh, clean look and current, updated information is in the works and likely to roll out in stages over the next couple of months. STAY TUNED!


2. DFN is getting more social. We are hoping to stay more connected than ever with both our supporters and followers as well as with our staff and workers in the field, providing real-time stories and news as well as creative ways to partner with us to stand with the Dalits. Please find and follow us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM if you are active on those platforms.


3. January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. You may not know this, but DFN is actively involved in anti-human trafficking work in several locations around India. We will be sharing a special report on what the current human trafficking trends are for Dalits, and what DFN and our partners are doing about it.


4. We have some new faces at DFN this year, including a new executive director. And we want you to get to know us all. Be on the lookout for staff profiles each month. We also want to connect with you, our faithful supporters, followers and fans more this year. We are in this work together, and we are working hard at DFN to find ways to link arms with even more people in the coming year to work towards the freedom and dignity of all Dalits.


Stay tuned for more soon.