Natural disasters, such as a tropical storms or earthquakes, can take the lives of many. But one thing many of us don’t often think about, is the cost to survivors long after a natural disaster has hit. Those living in impoverished areas are often left in a more vulnerable position than before.

What little food they were able to come by, is now gone. Clean water is no longer available. Roads and buildings are destroyed. School buildings demolished.

It’s during this time, that our response to those in need is most crucial — such as now.
(Please note: this video was provided by the Indian government and uses the Indian place value markers.)

The Southern Indian State of Kerala has experienced the heaviest rainfall recorded in well over 100 years. The resulting floods have taken hundreds of lives, separated families and communities, and displaced millions of people from their homes — with most having nothing to return to.

We need your help.

DFN is responding to this emergency by providing flood relief aid in the northeastern border district of Kerala. As a result of the flooding and landslides, many of the victims living in this area have lost their jobs and are now begging for drinking water, food and shelter. Many have been badly injured and need urgent medical care.

Kerala is located in the hills and is made up of significantly marginalized groups. These individuals are already extremely vulnerable and are now disproportionately affected by the flood damage.

Tragically, 80 people have lost their lives and thousands more are displaced from their homes. Only a few areas have electricity left and mobile towers are under water. Many of the roads are impassable and there is no longer a bus service leaving or heading into the area.

The situation is dire.

So, how is DFN responding?

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Our on-the-ground team members are providing food, supplies, medical aid and relief, and they are helping with infrastructure repair and restoration.

However, we need your support.

The most urgent immediate need is for provision of food and subsistence.

Our response team has designed food and subsistence kits to specifically address the most crucial needs and we will be delivering these kits at five locations in the region over the next 30 days. Our goal is to supply 5,000 kits throughout September.

Will you help us in achieving this goal?

Each kit is $15, but any donation amount is greatly appreciated. You can make an immediate impact and support those in dire need with a donation to help fund one — or more — of these life-sustaining kits.

Donate today to help save lives in Kerala


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