This past weekend was the 2015 Justice Conference in Chicago, IL. It was a great weekend full of dynamic speakers, challenging sessions, and lots of sharing and connecting.

We had a great time at the DFN booth, sharing the reality and story of the Dalit people – sharing that #RescueIsReal when we are able to support the Dalits with education, healthcare and economic development.

The attendees of The Justice Conference come from all backgrounds, professions and ministries, but all have a passion to see justice in an unjust world. We met film makers and moms, pastors and students, non-profit CEO’s and professors. What a joy to be in the same room with so many people yearning and fighting for justice for the “least of these.”

If you are one of our newest followers on Twitter or Facebook, or are new to our email list through our interaction this past weekend, WELCOME! We would love to connect with you further. We would love to share with you about how we connect and partner with people, churches, businesses and campuses here in the USA to empower Dalit freedom and education.






Some of our favorite quotes from the conference that continue to inspire us in our work with the Dalit people:


Justice and love are not identical, but they are indivisible. ~ Cornel West

Justice is our worship in action.  ~ Mark Reddy

We are who we are for the sake of the other. ~ Shauna Niequist

By serving others, we gain an access to a joy the world didn’t give and a joy the world cannot take away. ~ ~Cornel West


The recurring thread this year was about justice and peace. Justice work is a calling, not an optional occupation. Peace work is a theology of daily living, not a fringe experience. Each of us should be learning to walk justly in all of our relationships, starting with ourselves and our families and extending to our neighbors close by and around the world.

At DFN, we seek justice and peace for the largest group of oppressed and marginalized people in the world, the Dalits. Will you join us in our work?

Are you a pastor at a church looking for grassroots justice work on the ground to support? Are you an entrepreneur looking to donate some of your proceeds to a reputable non-profit? Are you an individual looking to work in some sort of justice-related field of service? Please contact us. We will follow up with you to explore how we might connect and collaborate on behalf of the Dalits.