Orphaned at a young age, her own relatives forced her into sex trafficking at the tender age of 13. How can that be, you ask? With poverty comes hopelessness. With the inability to provide, comes desperation.

What is unthinkable to us, was a cruel reality for Jyva. She was used and abused by any man in the village on any day, at any time. This innocent teenager was imprisoned in a life of depression, loneliness, and despair.

You gave her hope. You set her free. You gave her wings to fly.

Because of your support of our community healthcare workers, we were able to rescue Jyva. She is no longer a victim. Her future is bright and full of promise. She is learning a skill to support herself. She is reclaiming her identity and her dignity.

But wait, there’s more to her story…

When Jyva learned that her 13-year-old neighbor, Nari, was being forced into marriage, she was determined to advocate for her friend. Child marriage is against the law in India, but it’s still common among impoverished parents desperate to provide food and necessities for their families. Jyva knew that child brides are often confined to a life of violence and abuse. She was determined to protect her friend from the physical and emotional trauma that surely awaited her.

When you rescue one girl, she empowers another and another and another.

Jyva called a community healthcare worker she deeply trusted. She sprung into action immediately to stop the marriage. Today, Nari is safe and sound. She is not married, has moved back in with her parents, and is receiving encouragement from school staff to continue her studies. She has the watchful and caring eyes of the health worker you support looking out for her and her family, ensuring a future of dignity and freedom.

You can open doors of opportunity.

When you join PROMISE, you support education, skills training, crisis counseling, and community healthcare workers. You assure girls like Jyva and Nari are free from the chains that hold them down. They are free from trafficking and child marriage. They are free to live fully into their hopes and dreams. They will be teachers, doctors, scientists, astronauts. The sky’s the limit because you believe in them.

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Our stories are alreays real. We change names and photos to protect the dignity of those we serve.