At just 8 years old, she quit school.

Born into poverty, earning a few extra rupees a week for her family was more important than learning to read and write. With little education, she married before she turned 18 and quickly birthed three children to feed. Mansi and her husband worked hard to provide for their children. She sold cow’s milk while her husband worked in the field for a combined daily income of just $3. From their small, one-room home, they eked out a stable life and made sending their children to school a priority. Imagine the pride that boomed on their faces and exploded in their hearts as each one graduated from high school!

Then, she became a local goddess.

Four years ago, the local priest told Mansi that the gods had spoken to him, and she was to become the local goddess for her village. This role brought a new level of respect and income to the family as she performed religious ceremonies for villagers, but it didn’t stop tragedy from striking her family. When her oldest son disappeared two years ago, she tried many prayers and offerings to her gods. The longer he was gone, the more despondent she became.

At 45, grief and illness took its toll.

Meanwhile, six miles away, a team of community health workers, began planning a monthly clinic in Mansi’s village. At the very first clinic, she came looking for relief from chronic headaches and dizziness. She was diagnosed with diabetes and depression, two ailments that were stealing her joy and, without treatment, could ultimately take her life.

You provided whole-body healing!

Quickly, Mansi found healing for more than diabetes. She found restoration for her mind and soul. Feeling exploited by her role at the temple, she now works with our team to save money to build a new life. Her first step is to save enough money for the ceremony that will end her role as a goddess. She is learning new skills to provide for her family. She is finding a community where she belongs and is valued. Most of all, she is finding hope for a long, full life.

Community healthcare is about so much more than bandaids and blood work. It’s about healing the whole person: body, soul, and mind.


Stories are real, all names and photos have been changed for protection, and are representative.