Banu* is a beautiful 4-year-old boy. 

He has Down’s Syndrome, is visually impaired and lives in a shelter** for abandoned children with disabilities. Because he is poor and has special needs, he almost died. Banu developed a cough and fever that got real serious, real fast! The staff at the shelter didn’t notice how sick he was getting until one morning he didn’t wake up. Quickly, they took him to our nearby clinic where he was diagnosed with severe pneumonia and in respiratory distress. Our staff stabilized him and then moved him to a private hospital where he was put on a ventilator and placed in ICU.

The doctor didn’t want to treat him.
Banu’s mom lives in a slum community. She scrapes by from day-to-day. When she got to the hospital the doctor advised her to take her son home. In the doctor’s words, “Your son is not ‘normal’ and he is not worth investing in.”

But we stood beside her!
Our team made sure she knew she was not alone, emotionally or financially, and would make sure her little one got the treatment he needed. They reminded her of how precious and perfect her little boy was and that this illness was 100% treatable.

Banu made a full recovery!
Mom needed a fresh perspective on her child’s condition. She learned that Down’s Syndrome isn’t anyone’s fault. Her son’s special needs were not a result of her actions or her husband’s, who committed suicide when Banu was born. She remained by her little boy’s side until he made a full recovery in just one week. 

Mom is so grateful!
With the help of our healthcare team, Mom now sees Banu as a gift to be treasured. She visits him at the shelter more often and has discovered his love for learning, playing, and singing. He’s a happy boy, loved and cherished by his momma.

You can provide healing for a child by becoming a healthcare hero! 
Banu is alive and well today because of our hard-working doctors, nurses and healthcare workers who you support. You can also provide life-saving medicines, immunizations, health screenings and other essential supplies to your clinics in the neediest areas of South Asia. 

Become a healthcare hero today and change a life forever!



*Banu is not pictured above, but the joy he brings his family sure is.
**This community shelter is not associated with DFN.

Stories are real, all names and photos have been changed for protection, and are representative.