Good Shepherd Schools’ main aim is to prepare students to enter “junior college” (grades 11-12) and then “university” (traditional Bachelor’s Degree higher education). Our research indicates that 90% of all Good Shepherd students take this path. Each school’s faculty and staff counsels students, guiding them in future careers according to their strengths, interests, and academic potential. Staff also researches opportunities in local colleges/universities and seeks both entrance and scholarships for the Dalit graduates.

For students who prefer a trade or technical profession (i.e., welding, automotive repair, sales, etc.), our schools help connect them with the appropriate information or experts to train them. Trade schools like ones in the US do not really exist in India. Most trades are “generational” and are learned through family connections and/or apprenticeships. According to our research, about 8% of graduates choose trade school/technical professions.