International Day of the Girl happens once a year, but we’re celebrating girls in
South Asia for an entire month! Join us in raising up the largest and strongest
generation of girls in history, 600 million strong!
Here’s what youR Gift can do right now to lift up some of the bravest
and the most vulnerable girls fighting for their lives:
$200 supports healthcare for at-risk girls.
$100 provides 45 days of crisis counseling.
$40 Provides a home for one month.
(Make this recurring to sponsor a girl in her new home for $480/yr)
$33 Educates a girl for one month.
(Make this recurring to sponsor a girl’s education for $396/yr)

The Reason I Give

We see real change happening in the lives of women and younger girls in India. As DFN serves them, and enables them to become skilled, they are able to help one another rise up!

When financial support goes to the country and directly helps the people help themselves, this is when true change happens from within a society.

Helping the women of India help themselves is a privilege.

—Mary L. Board Member and DFN Child Sponsor