I’ve just returned from three weeks in India. I visited places I have never been to before where I encountered another level of poverty, an emptiness so deep I was broken. The injustice I saw hurt, and it made me angry. Driving through streets lined with children begging, their gaunt faces aimlessly staring into nothingness, I thought, “Surely we can do better than this for our children.”

Our team traveled further north than I’ve ever been before, into the foothills of the Himalayas. And there I found my spirit coming back to life, my soul breathing again, my eyes tearing with joy rather than heartache. It was a balm for my soul.

I remembered all over again that  in these difficult to reach and desolate villages, you are building hope and giving promise. Month after month, you give so that children in some of the poorest places in our world can go to school. They are learning, playing, and preparing for a better future. 

On the mountaintop and in the slums, I witnessed the restoration of purpose and dignity for those broken by injustice. Your faithfulness makes that possible. 

I am so thankful. I am in awe that you give so freely for the freedom of others.

I also returned to our headquarters where I received the most AMAZING news! The new shelter is open! Fifty girls have moved in! Please celebrate this with me! This victory has been a long time coming. 

You have sacrificially given so that little girls don’t have to worry about abusive men. You have compassionately shared from your own storehouse so that teenage girls can heal from the trauma of exploitation. Friends, because of generous gifts from people like you, DFN USA has provided all the kitchen equipment, much of the cost of the actual building, and ongoing monthly support so that these girls can grow up safe and sound. 

Again, my heart is overflowing with gratitude for you.

I try to be conscious of the conveniences of my life in suburban Nampa, Idaho. I am acutely aware of my stocked pantry, overflowing closet, and full gas tank. But this Thanksgiving, as I gather around my table loaded  with turkey and all the trimmings, I will be even more grateful for God’s gifts to me.

You, faithful friend, are one of those gifts. 

Thank you for interceding for the people of India. You restore freedom and opportunity in lives transformed by whole care for the whole community.

With Gratitude,

Jacquelyn A. Cork