Suri Faces Adversity Every Day

Suri’s family struggles every day to meet their basic needs. Her father died many years ago, leaving her mother to provide for Suri and her little brother. Her mom works as a laborer for daily wages and her income is not regular. Feeding and clothing her growing children and paying rent for their tiny, one-room home presented a nearly impossible challenge.

Suri Realized Her Potential

Both Suri and her brother study in one of the schools you support. They thrived in the encouraging, supportive learning environment. Determined to rise above her circumstances, Suri was eager to learn and always ranked at the top of her class…

Diploma in Her Hand, Determination in Her Heart

Without education, children in India may be put to work or trafficked as laborers. With a high school diploma, Suri is now equipped to break the cycle of poverty that has plagued her family for generations. She is determined to make her mother proud and provide a better life for herself, her mother and brother.

What will Suri’s future look like?

This young lady has graduated high school and is headed off to pursue a higher education. Her outstanding grades qualify her for a top-notch college where she plans to earn a degree in math and science to become an engineer. She always enjoyed music and hopes to study in this field as well. .

Suri’s life is safe and secure. Her future holds freedom, hope and dignity.

Suri will be able to get a good-paying job and lift her family out of poverty. With her determination and resilience, she will be empowered to become a leader in her community and a role model for girls just like her.

Your support changes a child’s life forever.

Because every life is worth fighting for.