“I wish I could do more!”

It’s one of the most common sentiments we hear from people like you who are passionate about protecting families in India from exploitation.

We all want to help girls like Harsha who, orphaned at age 6, believed that she would be trapped in a life of begging on the streets and vulnerable to abuse. She feared poverty and neglect. Perhaps an early death. She wondered if there would ever be anyone to take care of her.

Thankfully, because of you, Harsha was protected. Our staff in India found her a place to live. She enrolled in the local DFN school where the teachers loved her and showed her extreme compassion. DFN’s health workers took care of her physical needs and made sure she had enough healthy food to eat. They also found her a trauma counselor who walked her through her fears where a brighter future was waiting for her.

“I wish I could do more!”
We want to leap into action when we hear miracle stories of transformation in lives like young Harsha’s. And we want to do more. We all do!

That’s why many of DFN’s closest friends give what’s called a “legacy gift” in support of DFN’s holistic approach which protects, reclaims, and restores dignity and opportunity through whole care for whole communities. It allows them to contribute a substantial gift that would never be possible otherwise.

There are a number of ways you, too, can give a transformational legacy gift:

  • Include a gift to Dignity Freedom Network in your will or trust
  • Name DFN as a charitable beneficiary of your retirement assets or life insurance policy
  • Make a gift to DFN that pays you income for life. When you no longer need the income, the balance of your gift will go to the ongoing protection of young girls like Harsha.

A legacy gift fulfills your ultimate wish to “do more” for those who need you most. Your gift will give opportunity and hope to at-risk women and children all across India, making their tomorrow better than today. You can increase your giving capacity, and you help ensure Dignity Freedom Network continues to carry out this life-changing work, well beyond your lifetime.

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