We have a lot of choices here in America.  Whether we are in the grocery store, at the gas station pump, at the mall, or even in front of our television set.  So. Many. Choices.  We have the freedom to choose what we eat, what we watch, where we go for entertainment, what we wear, who we spend our time with, and how and whom we worship.

Imagine, then, a place where there is radically less freedom to make personal choices.  Especially concerning how and whom to worship. Discrimination on the basis of religious choice is endemic in our world.  People are persecuted, maligned, and tormented for their faith, and at DFN, we cannot stand for this.  We believe religious persecution removes the dignity and freedom from every person and denies men, women, and children the inherent human right to believe as they choose. Ultimately, our mission at DFN to rescue, reclaim and restore is undermined and put in jeopardy when people face religious persecution.

November 7, 2021 is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.  At DFN, we stand with the Persecuted Church, and with all people persecuted for their religious beliefs.  This belief is sewn into our DNA and our core beliefs.  At DFN, these core beliefs are what drive everything we do.  These beliefs are five principles that catapult us into action and align us together in a mission that promises hope and whole care for communities in every area in which we work.

As we reflect on the horrors experienced by those facing persecution for their religious faith, here is what DFN believes and how DFN puts these beliefs into action.


Love Activates Us

Believing every person is created in the image of a loving God, we stand in solidarity with anyone who has faced discrimination because of race, income, gender, education, nationality, beliefs, or any other barrier that inhibits equal opportunity or diminishes human dignity. Our highest aspiration is to manifest God’s love to His creation by our actions and with our words.


Compassion Motivates Us

We have compassion for any person who has borne the weight of systemic oppression, and we stand with those society has left behind. We seek to listen and to magnify the voices of the oppressed, because we believe hearing from those who historically have had no voice can lead to mutual understanding and ultimately, societal change.


Service Leads Us

We serve the left out and the left behind. We come alongside those who are beaten down by society or circumstance. We offer restoration of their God-given dignity, a belief in each person’s inherent worth, and we follow this with tangible actions that enable people to experience educational, economic, and spiritual freedom.


Transformation Drives Us

We believe in the transformation and restoration of broken things. People, systems, and societies can be transformed by recognizing our shared humanity as God’s creation, understanding there are systemic barriers to equality, and relentlessly pursuing justice for every person.


Mission Unites Us

We stand united in our mission of seeking dignity and freedom for every person, in every village. And we will work tirelessly for justice until that day.


If you are a praying person, would you please join us in prayer for these urgent needs in India and around the world today?


  • Pray for religious freedom rights to be honored in all nations around the world.
  • Pray for the acquittal of pastors and workers falsely accused of “forced conversion.”
  • Pray for those who wish to love God and their neighbors not to be intimidated by threats and violence.
  • Pray for the safety of DFN’s workers who carry out compassionate initiatives because of Jesus’ love.

At DFN, we seek to provide a future of rescue, safety, hope, and healing for those who face exploitation.  We are honored when you join with us.

Because every life is worth fighting for.