You know that people all over the world face food insecurity daily. You know there are moms who aren’t sure how they will feed their children tomorrow. You’ve heard about dads who work hundreds of miles from home as migrant farmers to send a few rupees back home hoping it’s enough to provide shelter for another month.

If you’re a praying person, you’ve probably wondered how to pray for the billions of people caught in systemic poverty. Here are 7 Radical Prayers to Eliminate Poverty. We’re not naive. We know that a few thousand people praying these prayers won’t eradicate hunger from our world.

But we do believe these prayers can align your heart with the heart of God. We believe these prayers can call God’s presence into the hopelessness of bare economies and struggling families. And, we believe with your urgent whispers, the most vulnerable in our world can find hope, courage, and strength.

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