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Invest in the future. Believe in people. Teach skills that empower families.


Families in poverty need more than financial relief and food support. They need a new way forward. Women in particular are kept impoverished through a cycle of illiteracy and lack of job training. At DFN, our economic empowerment programs invite women to uplift their families, communities, and their own self-worth.

We believe in the power of a woman with a good idea. When she is trained in a new skill, an entire family is transformed. There is bread on the table and new shoes on growing feet.

We believe in the skills and strengths of the forgotten. Skills training opens the doors to a better tomorrow.


Your promise provides skills training, employment opportunities, and basic financial management education. In fact, all of the uniforms for our schools are made in our tailoring shop which employs women in a safe and fair working environment. You also provide employment for women in our healthcare clinics.

When you join Promise, you also offer a 6-month vocational training course for young women in need of protection. Vocational training is an investment in girls who have been forgotten. It allows them to reclaim their purpose and restores their freedom.


Joining Promise is the very best way to support skills training programs.

When you invest in women, you invest in their family. You restore their hope. You change a life forever.

Women Trained
Training Centers
Families Transformed


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