I met a bright, curious teenager earlier this year. Reshma was the kind of child who wondered, “Why is the sky blue? How do birds fly? How do fish breathe?” Now that she’s in her teens, her questions venture far beyond biology, chemistry, or what makes stars twinkle. She asks hard questions like:

“Why did my mom die?” Reshma’s mom died when she was a young girl. 
We don’t know what caused her death. We do know her family didn’t have the money for medical treatment that might have cured the illness.

Will I have to drop out of school to support my family?”
Reshma’s dad was forced to drop out of school to get a job, a cold reality too many children in India face every day. Unskilled and uneducated, now he can only find day labor jobs that pay very little and are rarely reliable. 

“Is there life outside of this village?”
When her mom died, Reshma’s world closed in around her. The family moved in with her grandparents who scarcely leave their hut, except to do laundry or buy vegetables. Reshma told me life in her village felt empty, without purpose, without true meaning or hope for a brighter future. 

This Christmas, Reshma doesn’t want a new bike or a new iPhone. She wants more. She wants answers to her hard questions. She wants hope. 

You have the answers Reshma needs. You have the power to change her future!
This time of year, we're all hustling around searching for the perfect gift for everyone on our lists. I've got an easy on for you. Give dignity and freedom to ensure Reshma's tomorrow is bright and full of promise. Give hope. Give light. Give Promise. 

Give Reshma all she wants for Christmas this year -- the freedom and opportunity to be a curious young mind, eager to explore our world.