Doubled over in pain, nine-year-old Roshan clutched his stomach as it cramped with intensity. This was not the first time he had experienced this kind of agony.  In fact, in his nine brief years on this earth, it had become a familiar feeling.  

Roshan lives in the hot, drought-stricken state of Rajasthan in North India, where temperatures soar and water is scarce.  Water is necessary to survive for all of us, but especially for growing children in these hot, rural villages. 

Because of their low social standing in the community, Roshan and his siblings do not have access to the “good” water well in their village.  That one is reserved for the elite members of the community.  Instead, Roshan must journey much further from home on the worn, rocky, dusty pathways to collect water from the well on the outskirts of the village. 

They must drink this water from this well to survive.

While it is water, it is not clean water. It must first be boiled to kill dangerous bacteria and viruses before it can be consumed. Even so, the water they drink still makes them sick.  But it’s their only source of water.  They have no choice.

Unwilling to let any student fall behind, the teachers is Roshan’s school jumped to action. 

The teachers saw the effect the unclean water had on their students.  Each day a child misses school lowers his chances of graduating, of building a better life, of achieving her dreams. And they knew there was a simple solution…clean water.

The teachers presented a proposal to their school administration for a water purification system.  This would give all the children access to plenty of clean, fresh, bacteria-free water, all day, every day.   With clean water comes hydrated, and healthy children able to concentrate and succeed at their schoolwork. 

Access to clean water also gives moms peace of mind. 

Roshan’s mom won’t have to choose between keeping her children hydrated and keeping them healthy. 

Clean, cool, fresh water is something we take for granted. But it’s a game changer for Roshan and children like him. 

Clean water gives opportunity, sustains life, and keeps children growing up into their full potential. It breaks the chains of poverty and promises children health for today and hope for tomorrow.

We need just 53 more water purification systems to give every child in our schools clean water. You can provide those for just $40.  You can prevent illness, disease, pain, and suffering.  You can ensure a better life for children and families who simply need the chance to thrive.  For Roshan and other children like him, it starts with clean water.  For Roshan and other children like him, it starts with you.