Most Rev. Joseph D’Souza calls for urgent prayer and action as India suffers devastating COVID-19 outbreak, “Please, do not leave India behind.”

HYDERABAD, India — As the COVID-19 pandemic ravages India, Most Rev. Joseph D’Souza, archbishop of the Good Shepherd Church of India, issues an urgent call to prayer and action:

“While the rest of the world may have the ability to view sobering images from India at will, we are living those images every day. Myriad factors have been blamed for our current COVID-19 crisis, but for those of us who are grappling with the tragedy of this mutant virus on a human level, our pain and suffering is simply overwhelming.

“Myself and millions of my fellow Indians have lost loved ones, neighbors and colleagues to this horrible disease. Meanwhile, too many of the rich and famous, even in India, turn a blind eye, and other nations who have now traversed this crisis through mass vaccinations seem tempted to leave us behind. Please, do not leave India behind. We are in desperate need of the prayers, compassion and assistance of our friends and allies abroad. This COVID-19 outbreak, tragically, is far from over. The Indian government is accepting foreign aid for COVID-19 relief, but the government should also soften its NGO policies to allow more foreign assistance, including for religious NGOs, who were doing social work and alleviating suffering.

“Why is it that we are not developing a robust national social conscience that compels us to act in the face of suffering? Perhaps we have forgotten that if we are prospering it is because of the grace of God, and that when we are blessed in life, we must bless others.

“Health is a fundamental human right and people of faith must work together to ensure we carry out the ministry of healing even in the darkest periods in our history with whatever resources we have. We have a responsibility to contribute our resources in whatever ways possible as we show love to a hurting world.”

To learn more about how you can bring hope and healing to India in the midst of such great suffering, visit COVID CARE RELIEF.