Ulka lost the love of her life 10 years ago.
Since then, she works long hours as domestic help at the local chai shop. She isn’t rich, but it’s enough to provide a stable life for herself and her 11-year-old son.

Recently, a community healthcare worker noticed that Ulka was losing weight and looked exhausted. Concerned for Ulka, she reached out and arranged for her to meet with a physician at the new virtual health center in their remote village.

The doctor took time to listen to Ulka.
She learned that Ulka’s main concern was physical harassment from her neighbor. The man had barged into her hut several times demanding sexual favors. She was able to chase him away each time, but that didn’t stop her nightmares. Filled with fear and worry, Ulka became sleep-deprived and unable to eat. When she approached the local police, they refused to intervene because no actual sexual assault had taken place.

Our physician and healthcare worker immediately connected Ulka with a women’s protection group. They helped her file a formal appeal against her intruder. Now, with a restraining order in place, Ulka is eating again and finally able to sleep at night. She and her son are safe from harm.

Being poor is hard. Being a poor widow is even harder.
Without caring physicians and compassionate healthcare workers, Ulka would likely add rape to the strikes against her. Because of the virtual clinic you support, she and her son are able to live in peace with plenty of love and laughter to share.

It just takes one person to listen and offer a helping hand to change a life forever. You can be that person for another woman like Ulka. 

SHOW SOME LOVE today. Because every life is worth fighting for.