You don’t know me, but I hope we get to meet soon.  I’m the brand new Director of Communications
at DFN. My first day was January 7, so I really am BRAND NEW.  With some luck and a little advance planning, I got to experience the work of DFN schools and clinics in my third week of employment.  Talk about hands on training!  The sights and sounds and smells are now penetrating every pore of my California-bred, Texas-raised, New York-spirit.  I am in love…with the people of India, the teachers, the children, the doctors and community health workers, the graduates, the principals, the hotel hospitality staff and the drivers our team rubbed elbows with every moment of every day.

As Communications Director, it’s my job to tell the story of how lives are being changed, to paint the picture of how your financial gifts free a child from sex slavery, teach a child to read, write, and speak English, and how your support makes it possible for a child to dream about being a doctor, an engineer, a police officer, or a journalist.

Oh, how many stories I have to tell!  Over the next year you’ll hear (or read) about the women making 100,000 uniforms to outfit all 26,000 students AND making a living wage to support their families.  You’ll hear about doctors who literally give their lives to heal the wounded bodies of children all over the country.  You’ll hear about teachers who travel 90 minutes every day to teach in our schools, some of which are located in the very middle of slums and in the extreme outskirts of rural villages.

But before we share those stories, before we ask you to sponsor another child or contribute to the cost of the uniforms or pledge sacrificially to the building of a 150-bed shelter, we ask you to pray.  Pray right now for:

  • COURAGE for our teachers and principals to stand up for our world’s most vulnerable children, who are trapped in a system designed to stuff them down and enslave them to poverty for life.
  • FREEDOM for one more child or woman every day who is bound in sex trafficking. Make this your prayer: “JUST ONE MORE.”
  • MULTIPLICATION of American dollars in the year to come. DFN Friends, along with our global partners in the UK, Canada, Brazil, and New Zealand, we fund every moment of the mission of Good Shepherd School.  The more we give, the more the mission grows, expands, and multiplies.
  • WISDOM for our DFN and Good Shepherd leaders as they make decisions that impact the scope of our mission.
  • PROTECTION for India’s “least of these.” These little ones are full of hope, joy, and promise.  Pray that the evil forces in their world will not win, but will be bound and chained so that they may run, play, laugh, and love in the freedom God intends for every human on the planet.


If you’d like to receive on-going prayer updates no more than twice a month,
please complete this form. Otherwise,please print this blog post, so you are prompted to pray as God leads.

We’ve got lots of work to do this year.  Let’s begin in prayer.

Your new DFN Friend,

Beverly Stanton Cook
Director of Communications

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