How Your Clinic Provides Hope and Healing

Kanoni’s sweet little face can light up a room. This energetic five-year-old girl loves going to school, learning from her teacher, playing with friends, and spending time with her family. You wouldn’t know it now, but a few months ago, she was experiencing extreme pain from an infection. She had developed a heat boil on her chest that could cause severe health issues to her little body if left untreated.

As you can imagine, her parents were desperate for answers on how to help their young daughter. They were day laborers and due to India’s lockdown had little income in which to meet their basic needs, let alone seek medical treatment. That’s when a neighbor told Kanoni’s dad that even though the pandemic had shut down most of the schools and clinics, her school was providing local families with food and medical care.

Urgently, her dad brought Kanoni to her school where they were greeted by a caring community healthcare worker named Ruth. She gently and expertly cleaned and dressed Kanoni’s open wound. For ten days, dad and daughter made their way to the school for treatment. Seeing doctors, getting shots and changing bandages are scary for a five-year-old, but since the clinic was at her school, she was surrounded by faces she trusted.

Today, Kanoni is once again eager to play tag with her friends, enjoy time with her family, learn what sounds letters make and how to count to 100. There is no doubt that this little one will finish her education under the encouraging eyes of her grateful mom and dad.

What a relief it is for parents in small, remote villages in South Asia to know their families have caring healthcare workers, teachers and community workers they can turn to in times of need.

Make sure Kanoni’s school is stocked with school supplies, dedicated teachers, healthcare items and meal kits when you help students GET SCHOOLED this year.

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